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Whether you are preparing for an upcoming event or just looking to brighten your smile, tooth whitening can dramatically change your smile.

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Take-home Whitening for custom trays

Custom made whitening trays are our prefered method to whiten your teeth.  You can expect your smile  whiten 3-5 shades but it can be up to eight shades whiter. The process starts with making models of your mouth.  Our high-performance whitening system is specially formulated for at-home use. Simply apply the whitening gel to your custom-fit tray and wear it for 30 minutes each day. Watch your smile become more radiant.  Once you have custom-fit trays, you can pick up a touch up syringe of gel and any hygiene appointment or any time you have a special event or want to give your smile and self confidence a little boost.


Pre-filled disposable form fitting trays
Our most affordable option that is powerful and effective and only dispensed by dentists.  The adaptable, form-fitting tray is prefilled.  Simply insert the tray in your mouth and wear it for 15-60 minutes per day for 10 days. 

Take your smile from Dull to Dazzling!   Call today to schedule.

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